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Pest Control Perth Hills

A1 Trojan Pest Control prides itself on offering an array of pest control services with customized service plans to meet your business’s specific needs.

We have the knowledge and scheduling flexibility to ensure that your pest problem does not become your customer’s pest problem, all the while ensuring that the impact made to your daily operations is kept to a minimum. Our guaranteed services will provide you and your customer’s peace of mind from rodents and other pests.

Some of the types of business's we specialize in include:

A1 Trojan Pest Control utilizes Integrated Pest Management practices as the basis for the pest control services that we offer. This method of practice minimizes the impact on the earth’s natural resources while offering your business the maximum amount of protection available. We will design a custom plan to manage all of your pest needs using only chemicals that are only on the Health Pesticide Register List and an Integrated Pest Management Plan for the company to maintain a pest free environment.

Hospitals/Health Care Facilities

Hospitals and Doctors surgery need to be kept clean and fresh without any insects or rodents, if you have an issue at your facility contact A1 Trojan Pest Control today.

Production Facilities

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Both the children and teacher need a clean work space to work and learn, if your school as a pest problem call A1 Trojan today for a free quote.

Food Packaging Facilities

Food facilities always need to maintain their food health practice. If rodents and pest are fond the facility may be shut down until the issue has been removed.


It is important that all restaurants, delis and food outlets keep their space clean and rodent free. If you business needs pest control in Perth call us today.

Retail Facilities

Customer like to enjoy there time shopping without seeing any insect or pest, get your shop regularly sprayed and maintain cleanliness.


Keep you hotel or motel up to scatch by having regular pest control sprays and check. Contact A1 Trojan Pest Control for a free quote.


Large warehouse attract many pests and rodents, A1 Trojan Pest Control can help you maintain a clean pest free warehouse all year round.
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